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ABOUT ZS Productions


Following a 12-year success journey of working within multi-national corporate marketing and events teams, Zaid Siwady chose to build on his expertise and pursue his passion for telling stories and arousing curiosity through visual content creation. 


It all started with a fascination for uncovering the world, off-the-beaten-path, and an infatuation to capture the essence of his exploratory expedition adventures through @ProjectOverLandy - an Instagram page that shares experiences of travel and overland experiences. @ProjectOverLandy grew to over 30 thousand followers in a very short period and inspired Zaid’s newfound love for a career in videography and visual content development.


Digital disruption is now a reality and is affecting all sectors and businesses at warp speed. ZS Productions recognizes how that impacts the value proposition and the way customers now search, shop, and interact with brands. Corporate campaigns are facing novel challenges; delivering messages faster, within tighter budgets, and still captivating the human emotion all while aiming to satisfy the world’s thirst for viral content. 


As a Run ‘N Gun video producer, Zaid offers feasible video content and an experiential visualization of products, services, and experiences, which invoke customer interest and spark a desire to try for themselves. Zaid caters to delivering campaign messages in a cost-efficient solution that is best suited for digital and social media campaigns.

Want to know more, let’s talk.

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